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Corporate Housing V.S. Hotels


The cost of staying in mid-range hotels has skyrocketed over the last few years, while the buzz on corporate housing has reached new heights. Business travelers and vacationers alike prefer the low cost and additional amenities provided by corporate housing over hotels, and it is often are more attractive solution for people who need temporary housing. In fact, some companies put their employees in corporate housing for up to a year when traveling to another state or even overseas. It's a nice perk for the employee who doesn't have to buy a house he'll only keep for a year, and it saves the employer money over a hotel. Many corporations across the United States have agreements with corporate housing providers for discounts when they use their services exclusively.

While hotels offer an undeniable range of amenities, corporate housing often has them beat. For example, many corporate housing apartments and suites offer storage units, two- and three-bedroom suites, full kitchens, fireplaces, gated entry, answering machines or voice mail services, flatware and dishes, private patios and washers and dryers. You won't find many of these amenities in the standard hotel. However, corporate housing also offers many of the luxuries you would find in hotels, such as maid service, cable television, paid utilities, outdoor activities, complimentary breakfasts and concierge services. This can make your stay in corporate housing feel more like a vacation than like work.


Benefits of Corporate Housing

The reasons why corporate housing has become so popular extend beyond mere amenities. The reality is that a hotel doesn't come close to comparing to home, while temporary apartments and town homes can provide an ideal atmosphere. In fact, according to, employers find that their employees are far more productive when they live in corporate housing versus hotels because they are more at ease. Furthermore, corporate housing allows employees and business travelers to bring their families for long temporary stays. Apartments, town homes and condominiums provide two- and three-bedroom units where families can feel comfortable and at home. You won't find this type of accommodation in any hotel, regardless of the price. They are able to cook in corporate housing rather than eating out all the time, and they have a home to which they can return after a hard day at work. If you are looking for temporary quarters while on vacation or business, you might want to consider corporate housing as a better alternative to hotels.